Which Healthy Fruits can Make you Fat? (15 Fruit List)

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Do not be scared with the title of this post. Yes! Fruits can make you fat, especially if it is eaten at night or in large quantities.

But that does not mean that they are not healthy, what you should be aware of is that as any food that is overeating does not do well.

Maybe you feel cheated because you always believed that the fruits were very healthy and were the best in the world.

But do not disappoint.

What we are going to mention is not that you are going to stop eating them completely, only that you have to do it with caution and in the right amount.

Many people when they are on diets the first thing they do is buy a lot of fruits to prepare salads, juices, and shakes.

But before they have not even looked for information about it.

Worse yet when the diet only depends on them and fail to lose weight. But they have a devastating rebound effect (or take-back effect or backfire effect) and also get sick.

Although fruits are very nutritious you cannot just eat them and put aside all other food groups.

It must have a healthy and balanced diet to lose fat.

So be very careful about those diets in which you are banned from various food groups. Especially with those strict diets that end up causing more harm than good.

Why do Fruits can Makes you Fat?

Fruits in their composition have a large amount of fructose, which when they reach the body is converted to sugar.

That is the main reason why they can lead you to gain weight when you eat them in excess. They also have a high glycemic index and may be counterproductive for diabetics.

The amount of sugar that many fruits have can be very harmful. So you have to be very careful, especially if it is not synthesized and does not become energy to burn, whether it stays in different organs or in the blood – begin the problems.

Although fruits have many vitamins and minerals, they also have calories, such as those that we are going to name in this post because of their large number of calories.

So you have to be very careful not to overdo it with them.

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Fruits can make you fat.

The 15 Fattening Fruits are

1. Coconut

It concentrates a lot of fructose and is high glycemic index.

A cup of coconut water provides 6.26 grams of sugar is about the same amount of sugar as there is in half a can of coke.

2. Banana

It also has high glycemic index and with a little amount of fiber. It also contains about 106 calories, a high number compared to other fruits.

The good thing you have is a large amount of potassium and that helps to lower the sodium in the body.

You can choose it as food before or after your workouts.

3. Cherry

So small and sweet, but at the same time so full of calories and fructose are the cherries.

For every 100 grams of this fruit (which is enough), there are almost 60 calories, which is a lot, precisely because of the size it has.

So you have to be very careful.

It is not ideal to be consumed a lot if you are on a diet where you expect to lose weight. If it’s a fruit that you like a lot (who does not, it’s delicious), take only a few, no more than 10 and eat it as a snack.

It will help keep your mid-afternoon anxiety calm.

4. Grapes

Rich but surely you will know that you cannot stop eating because one or a handful does not fill your belly. They contain lots of glucose and fructose.

Contains approximately 67 calories per 100 grams.

5. Soursop

If you think the other fruits on this list have many calories that of the Soursop will leave you speechless.

It has nothing more and nothing less than 184 calories per 100 grams. So it is best to eat little of this fruit and if it is once a week much better.

The good news is that this fruit is related to cancer prevention. But if you want to lose weight it is not recommended that you eat it on a daily basis.

Fruits can make you fat.

6. Cantaloupe

This fruit is ideal to eat about three pieces or the equivalent of a cup and is always better in the morning. Although its sugar content is only 6%, it contains in total calories around 34.

7. Pineapple

It is very good for many cases and is even included in diets but in moderation. If it is in juice, do not drink more than one glass per week and 2 slices, for example, one starting the week and then eating another piece on Sunday because it also has a lot of sugar.

8. Dehydrated Fruits: Raisins

An example of dehydrated fruits is raisins.

They contain 500 calories in a serving of 170 grams which is the ingested for its size and to quench hunger a little.

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But this fruits can become addiction by eating more and more and fattening without even realizing it.

Not only are they called the prunes that are a little bigger or the simple raisins. You should eat it carefully. Although it provides fiber, good for constipation, you should look for other ways to carry it to your body.

In general terms, all dehydrated fruits that are sell as packaged are full of sugar and sodium in their contents by the process they had to undergo to reach that state. Those packaged products are not recommended because they have already lost all the vitamins and minerals they have in their natural version.

9. Avocado

Although highly recommended for its healthy fat and low sugar, but it contains about 29g of fats in a medium sized avocado which contributes about 300 calories.

So try to limit avocado slice maximum two in a day otherwise 50% of your daily fat intake will complete after eating just one avocado.

10. Date

Though this fruit has sufficient fiber content, it also contains 2.8 calories per gram which are more than recommended. It also has high glycemic index. So consume it in moderation.

Fruits can make you fat.

11. Orange

Yes, the orange, that fruit we use so much to prepare juice at breakfast is counterproductive if consumed in excess.

Because it contains many calories, more than 40 per 100 grams.

Also if you add the sugar that people put to juice to sweeten it is a sweet pump for the body.

It is not that you have to discard it completely, only reduce your consumption to no more than three times a week.

And if you think that you need oranges for your vitamin C we remind you that there are many foods rich in Vitamin C that you can include in your diet so you do not depend only on oranges.

12. Peach

Yes, so small and sweet. Here is why it is fattening, because of a large amount of fructose in its contents.

In addition, a single peach has more than 60 calories, so reduce it to only one per day.

13. Kiwi

Yes, Kiwi is also on this list.

Its content has a lot of sugar, so be careful not to have a rebound effect (or take-back effect or backfire effect).

The good thing about kiwi is that it has lots of C vitamins and fiber as well.

You just have to do it in moderation and eat it better directly. If you are going to mix it with other fruits you must be careful not to increase the sugar and a number of calories.

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14. Custard Apple

With this fruit, you must be very careful, especially because of a number of calories it has. More than 75 per serving, and they tend to be quite large in size, so be careful.

It is preferable that you eat it early in the morning, either at breakfast or at the snack because all those calories can be converted into energy that you can burn.

Since you’re just getting started with your daily routine.

If you eat more at mid-afternoon, when and only rest is a big problem, as it will be stored as a fat.

15. Figs

The last item in this list is Figs.

Both fresh and dehydrated have a lot of sugar and more than 70 calories per 100 grams, so you have to be very careful if you are trying to lose weight.

It is best to eat it once a week and in few quantities so that you do not gain pounds instead of losing them.

The good thing is when you eat this, it will offer you a lot of fiber, which will help you with the digestive processes.

It would be ideal to eat it once you finish eating lunch and in this way avoid the retention of liquids and some intestinal evils.

Fruits can make you fat.


The World Health Organization (WHO) has a campaign of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day to lead the population to have a healthier diet and thus lower the rates of obesity, diabetes and other diseases related to eating habits.

This is the formula to follow:

5 servings of fruit throughout the day.

The best thing is that you do not ingest them at night precisely because of the amount of fructose you have because it is an energy that will not burn.

It is best that you eat these fruit rations at breakfast, snack mid-morning or late otherwise those healthy fruits can make you fat.

It can also be a great dessert after lunch.

Try to eat the whole fruit, as this will bring more vitamins and especially fiber to the body. When you make it in juice, you lose much of it in the shell or by the method of extraction.

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Which Healthy Fruits can Make you Fat? (15 Fruit List)
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Which Healthy Fruits can Make you Fat? (15 Fruit List)
Do not be scared with the title of this post. Yes! Fruits can make you fat, especially if it is eaten at night or in large quantities.
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