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What is Weight Gainer? Is it Safe or Not?



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Weight Gainers

What is Weight Gainer? Is it Safe or Not? The practice of bodybuilding, whether in beginner or professional level, requires a very strict planning in order to obtain maximum results. From training to food, to rest, if you want to increase enough muscle you should take every point with maximum care.

The consumption of supplements is very common in the life of bodybuilders, regardless of the goals in mind, either for the bulking or for the definition of it.

Talking about genetics is another aspect that must be taken into account when you want to move to the competitive scene of body transformation, and as we already know, this is one of the main factors that most influence when you have a specific goal.

And it is very important to know that genetics can play an important role in how our body develops over time. So we cannot predict how much we can achieve our goal beforehand.

A clear example is that of people with an Ectomorph body type have a hard time gaining weight and tend to lose muscle mass too easily.

For most of these people, bodybuilding simply cannot be considered as a viable option, because of their perspective, it is very difficult and time consuming to gain muscle mass.

Although, from an objective point of view we can say that they have much more difficulty in comparison to the endomorphs and mesomorphs. This does not mean that they cannot achieve results, especially when the three pillars of muscle training (strength, flexibility and stamina) are given the maximum attention.

For an ectomorph to gain muscle (like all other people) requires intense training, as well as adequate rest. To do this, you must add the food that comprises 70% of the results obtained, and this is precisely the reason why many cannot even approach a dream body.

However, this is not due to a bad move on the part of genetics, but rather to the lack of information to carry out an adequate diet plan that allows the mass gain in a more optimal way.

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What are Weight Gainers or Mass Gainers?

The weight gainers, as the name implies, are supplements that facilitate mass gain. You must bear in mind that in the basis physique and in the world of fitness, with mass we refer to the total body weight.

Come to the point, we can deduce that while Whey Protein is a supplement that provides us with the necessary nutrients for the proper functioning, development and recovery of muscles, weight gainers will help us to gain mass either in the form of fat and/or muscle mass, depending on your diet and workout plan. So it is excellent for people who suffer from problems to increase their volume.

The reason why weight gainers are so effective for this purpose is mainly due to their composition which are carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

The combination of the three main macronutrients allows this supplementation to provide between 400 and 1000 calories, depending on the way in which it is consumed daily.

The mass gainers are not reserved exclusively for ectomorph people since it is also very common to see this supplement in the diets of many professional bodybuilders.

They use this supplement in a meaningful way with proper diet, rest and workout plan, so they are gaining only muscle mass, not that much of body fat.

Benefits of Weight Gainer:

Weight gainers, like most supplements, have a reason for being. In this case, as we explained below, its main function is to help us increase the volume of the body, so it’s a great product for those who want to gain muscle mass.

The reason why weight gainers are so effective is due to their high concentration of good carbohydrates and good fats, which leads to a huge contribution of calories with each serving consumed.

We know in advance that for optimal body growth, we should eat more calories than we spend. In this case, weight gainers facilitate this process, essentially because it is much easier to eat a milkshake with 1000 calories than 500 grams of chicken breast and a bowl of rice. It will also easily replace whey protein if you in a bulking phase.

Because the main components of weight gainers are optimized to have a better absorption, our digestive system does not need to break down each of the macronutrients to make the most of them.

Consuming one or several servings of weight gainers, depending on our needs, we will make sure to provide a correct distribution of macronutrients to our body, which will make it much easier to control the diet to obtain better results.

Weight Gainers, Mass Gainers, Weight Gainer Shakes, Weight Gain Milkshakes, Mass Gainer Side Effects, How To Use Mass Gainer, When To Take Mass Gainer Supplements, How Many Scoops Of Mass Gainer Should I Take, Should I Take Mass Gainer On Off Days, Best Time To Take Mass Gainer, Is Mass Gainer Good For Skinny Guys, Mass Gainer Protein, Side Effects Of Weight Gainer Supplements, Side Effects Of Mass Gainer Powder
Weight Gainers

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Disadvantages of Weight Gainer:

One of the main disadvantages of weight gainers are, as with most supplements, is that their cost is usually not so accessible to many.

But if you count, it is much cheaper to consume a few servings of weight gainers to reach the same calories that a full meal would bring.

In the same way, being a supplement that contains ridiculous amounts of calories, these should be consumed with great care. If you not doing so, it can make you gain fat mass in an excessive way, an aspect that is not only ugly, but that also (and most importantly) harmful to health.

Finally, another of the great disadvantages of this product is virtually the huge variations available for consumption. This is usually harmful mainly for those who have never consumed any supplement.

From brand to brand, there is a huge dissimilarity in its nutritional composition. Those who do not have a minimal idea about their nutritional needs can make the serious mistake of choosing the right product that best suits their requirements, favoring that the results obtained are far from being the best.

Is Mass Gainer Good For Skinny Guys:

Supplementation with weight gainers can be used by practically anyone who has the purpose of gaining muscle mass.

However, due to the adverse effects that its consumption can cause, it should be taken with great caution, especially by people with an endomorphic body type, since their tendency to gain fat is very high.

For this reason, the main point you should remember when choosing a weight gainer is to know your nutritional need for example carbohydrate, protein, fat, calorie etc.

Weight gainers in Post-Workout:

As I mentioned earlier, weight gainers can easily substitute whey protein shakes, especially if they are consumed after intense training. This is because they are able to provide a large number of carbohydrates to replenish glycogen stores, as well as containing protein, which is essential for the proper recovery of muscles.

During the well-known anabolic window, your body is more craving for nutrients like fast absorption proteins, as well as a combination of simple carbohydrates and minimal portions of healthy fats.

For this time you must opt for supplements that have dextrose or maltodextrin (or a combination of both) that are absorbed directly into the digestive tract, which leads to an increase in blood sugar and therefore, insulin spikes. It is so indispensable for the growth of muscle mass.

But beware, that a weight gainer supplements with this composition is only recommended for after training, since consuming a smoothie with these nutrients while working in the office or simply staying static on the couch watching a movie, will only take you away from the goals you have in mind.

When looking to combine a weight gain with your diet throughout the day, especially if you do not perform many physical activities beyond training, then your option would be to choose supplements that have a moderate carbohydrate serving, approaching a 1: 1 aspect in relation to proteins.

Carbohydrates must come from complex sources such as oatmeal or brown rice. So that they are able to supply energy for a long time and not elevate the insulin peaks that are inadequate when following a sedentary lifestyle.

It is very important to know that, at the same time, the weight gainers are composed mostly of saturated fats, essential fatty acids and medium chain triglycerides that together, will lead to a slower digestion, as well as provide the necessary nutrients for a greater hormonal production.

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How to drink your Weight Gainers:

The way in which the weight gainers should be consumed will depend a lot on our taste preferences, as well as nutritional needs.

For excellence, the best way to prepare this shake is using water together with the powder. However, some people prefer to add milk, either to increase caloric intake or, simply because of taste issues.

How Many Scoops of Mass Gainer Should I Take?

Again, the number of scoops used in your shake will depend a lot on different factors like your daily calorie need, your diet plan and how many calories will you get from one scoop of weight gainer. To determine that calorie read the label of weight gainer.

At the same time, it is essential to be clear about the time at which you should consume the supplement. Since, for example, it is best to consume after intense training when our nutritional needs are greater because this is the time to recover the energy expended with physical activity.

How many Weight Gainer Shakes are enough?

The consumption of the weight gainer is very similar to the whey protein. Means how many calories your body requires to grow.

How to make Mass Gainers or Weight Gainer at Home?

Unfortunately, the weight gainer industry has not taken into account the needs of people who follow specific diets such as vegans or those who are gluten or lactose intolerant. So, unfortunately, it’s impossible to find a product that is adapted to their needs.

However, as with protein powder supplement, you can easily prepare our own weight gainers at home with some creativity and fulfill to our dietary needs.


To do this, first, choose whey protein. In this case, you must choose a product that provides quality proteins to accelerate the recovery process and, therefore, maximize muscle growth.

The minimum amount of protein to add in one serving is 40 grams, although again, this will depend a lot on how many extra calories you need per day.

The most recommended is to choose proteins that have a high content of Leucine, which is the main amino acid since it is responsible for protein synthesis.

There are many protein options available to choose; like –

  • Whey protein
  • Whey protein isolate hydrolyzed
  • Soy protein
  • Meat protein
  • Rice Protein

Healthy Fats

The next step is to choose healthy fats, to increase the calorie of your shake.

The amount of fat to be added varies according to the time in which you consume your shake. In post-workout, the fat should be minimum, because in that time you need a first absorbing shake and as we know fats slow down our absorption speed. Otherwise adding more fat is perfectly fine.

Some available options are:

  • Coconut milk or almonds
  • Coconut oil
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Chia seeds
  • Hemp seeds
  • Macadamia nuts, almonds
  • Avocado oil


And finally, add the carbohydrates that are going to provide us with energy, either during the day or immediately after intensive training.

After post-workout it is recommended to add foods or supplements rich in simple carbohydrates to replenish glycogen stores in the muscle and encourage the production of insulin. Otherwise, it would be best to add complex carbohydrates to have a better distribution of energy throughout the day.

Some examples of carbohydrates are –

  • Dextrose (simple carbohydrates)
  • Maltodextrin (simple carbohydrates)
  • Corn syrup (simple carbohydrates)
  • Fruits: melons, pineapples, dates (simple carbohydrates)
  • Oats (compound carbohydrates)
  • Brown rice (compound carbohydrates)
  • Fruits: Strawberries, blueberries, bananas (compound carbohydrates)
Weight Gainers, Mass Gainers, Weight Gainer Shakes, Weight Gain Milkshakes, Mass Gainer Side Effects, How To Use Mass Gainer, When To Take Mass Gainer Supplements, How Many Scoops Of Mass Gainer Should I Take, Should I Take Mass Gainer On Off Days, Best Time To Take Mass Gainer, Is Mass Gainer Good For Skinny Guys, Mass Gainer Protein, Side Effects Of Weight Gainer Supplements, Side Effects Of Mass Gainer Powder
Weight Gainers

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Should I Take Mass Gainer On Off Days:

The consumption of weight gainers is also perfectly fine on rest days, as long as they help meet nutritional needs. In the case of ectomorphs, it will even be beneficial because this extra energy will be necessary to continue with the muscle recovery process, encouraging growth.

When it comes to Endomorph and on the rest day, it is recommended to consume weight gainers with high-fat levels in their concentration, at the same time you should have a low percentage of simple carbohydrates.

Weight Gainers without Training:

In some cases and under medical supervision, the consumption of weight gainers can be considered as an option for people suffering from eating disorders such as anorexia.

Due to its high caloric intake and its ease of consumption, these are the excellent supplement for the people who want to maintain their weight in general. So they are not limited to people who usually devote part of their time to heavy workouts.

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