Weight-Bearing Exercises for Children

Weight-Bearing Exercises for Children, Strong Bones

Weight-Bearing Exercises for Children – Although difficult to believe, it is not impossible for a young man, even a child, to go to the gym to work out with weights.

However, the differences between an adult and the young man who is in the middle of development are many, this being the main reason why a weight training between one and the other should vary in all aspects ranging from the type of exercises to perform, and even in the number of repetitions, series and finally, the weights to raise.

And is that in childhood and adolescence, the body is constantly changing, so special care must be taken, especially when feeding or performing any type of physical activity, as both aspects are crucial to the correct development of the body.

A child who wants to do exercises to maximize gains in muscle mass, can do it, in fact not even the size prevents them from using the accessories or machines of the gym, however, this is not the type of training most recommended for someone at this age, since the excess of exercise or the muscular overload, could have negative reaction in the development of the muscles and the bones.

Benefits of Weight-Bearing Exercises for Children

There are multiple benefits that reinforce the belief that it is advisable to work with weights from an early age:

It improves the quality of some important tissues in the body, such as bones, joints, cartilage, and muscles, making it stronger and prepared for the changes that occur with growth. In a few words, it improves the adaptation to the changes that arrive with the adolescence.

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A training in optimal conditions, where you take into account the most intimate detail of each exercise favors the production of growth hormone, stimulating the bone cartilage to reach a longer length of the same and ending up achieving a higher height natural form.

Exercises performed with a perfect execution technique is ideal for improving posture.

In combination with the necessary stretching exercises, it also achieves greater flexibility, which affects a more agile and fast body in any situation.

It prevents obesity, which is a subject of much concern, but in addition, it also helps fight more easily compared to cardiovascular exercises, since not requiring rapid and continuous movements, it is not perceived as a hostile activity, but it is fun.

Some guidelines to keep in mind before performing Weight-Bearing Exercises for Children

It is nothing new to say that growing children and adolescents have much more reasons to exercise, not only because of the body’s adaptation but because they are at the right age to acquire new habits for the years to come, possess an exceptional body and a very good health.

Even so, it is necessary to have some head before beginning some sports activity, being that the most advisable are those where they are made explosive movements, avoiding to submit to the muscles to the constant stress, because it is very important to maintain the elastic fibers and that tend to harden with exercise.

Based on this it is advisable that the small ones are limited to perform aerobic or cardiovascular activities in which beyond seeking the growth of the muscles is achieved its definition, preventing the imminent injuries or overcoming the muscles too.

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Weightlifting is not necessarily ruled out, but nevertheless, it should always be supervised by a professional adult at all times.

For obvious reasons, the intensities should be much lower compared to those of an adult to say again, get muscle toning and improve posture.

So, Weight-Bearing or Aerobic Exercises for Children?

Because there is no evidence to show that weightlifting interferes negatively with the development of the young person or adolescent, quite the contrary.

The best, in this case, is to combine the best of both worlds: weightlifting and aerobic sports to maximize the gains of both exercises.

Again, it is very important to take into account that a child’s body is totally different from that of an adult and for that reason the training programs should be totally different, being limited to master the technique of execution during the first weeks and from there to work with loads that require 40-50% of the 1RM and then gradually progressing without risking injury.

The construction materials are also totally different, the industry knows that more and more children are involved in this type of physical activity and thanks to this there are multiple materials designed exclusively for their sizes, such as some pulley machines and free weight, in addition to the already known fit ball, medical balls or elastic bands.

This article is purely informative, in ONE we do not have the power to prescribe any medical treatment or make any kind of diagnosis or advice. We invite you to go to a doctor or expert in this field in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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Weight-Bearing Exercises for Children
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Weight-Bearing Exercises for Children
Weight-Bearing Exercises for Children - Although difficult to believe, it is not impossible for a young man, even a child, to go to the gym to work out with weights.
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