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[5 REASONS] Why Having SEX in December is Better?



The best time for sex is all year round, at any time and in the place you want, but did you know that having sex in December is much better?

By December, many people enter into a state of depression and melancholy, both by changes in climate and personal experiences and to combat the sadness related to the time, sex is really beneficial.

Skin-to-skin contact increases oxytocin levels, says Ian Kerner, author of “She comes first,” so it can improve your mood.

In this sense, an investigation by the University of Illinois confirms that nothing raises the temperature faster than the heat of another person’s body when exposed directly to it.

If you do not convince, we tell you 5 reasons that will make you change your mind.

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Why Having SEX in December is Better

Why Having SEX in December is Better?

In addition to the endorphins we release when it comes to an exciting encounter, there are other surprising benefits:

1. Strengthen your Immune System:

By having sex in December, your immune system will be strengthened, which will reduce the risk of contracting respiratory diseases. Full of pleasure and without colds, what else can you ask for?

2. You have More Orgasms:

A study by the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, states that wearing socks during sex is a good way to get more orgasms, at least for women.

The festivity of the month, passion and being warm, when it is cold outside, increase the number of orgasms.

3. Lights more Attractive:

A study published in the Psychology of Human Sexuality, states that in the months close to winter, men consider that the female body is more attractive, which increases the desire for a sexual encounter.

Similarly, having sex, your face looks more radiant, happy and you have better self-esteem, which makes you look more attractive.

Sweet Girl

4. Your Skin Looks More Radiant:

The Queens University of Belfast indicates that having orgasms, the levels of estrogen and hormones related to the brightness and the tessitura of the skin, which are usually affected by the cold, are greatly increased, giving a good appearance of the skin.

5. Improve your Self-Esteem:

In the winter you have the possibility of exploiting your sexual side by using clothes that you did not encourage before, such as baby dolls or particular lingerie, which at the same time protect you from the cold, says sexologist Tracey Cox.

The joy and desire to finish the year, are the things that motivate you to try different things. Let’s Dare yourself!

Use the cold as a pretext to have more nights of passion, which besides benefiting you in health, help you strengthen your relationship with your partner. And you, what other reasons do you imagine to have more sex in the winter?

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