Is Running is The Best way to Burn Fat?

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Is Running is The Best way to Burn Fat? We feel like breaking a myth, but that’s right, running is not the best way to burn fat.

But before you enter in despair we will tell you how you can continue doing this exercise and at the same time eliminate those rolls in the abdominal area that both bother you.

Many have believed that jogging to be a cardio exercise which helps to burn fat, especially that which is in the abdomen or thighs.

But the reality different.

In fact, there are other, more efficient ways to do this.

With this, we do not want to discourage you.

Do not stop running, because it is very beneficial to your overall health, you will have a much healthier heart and you will feel better.

But not to burn fat or at least not until we tell you some tricks so that you can do it in a much more efficient way and you feel more happy with your figure.

We know that running is fashionable, even the fever far from diminishing is increasing. This way they leave the sedentary life aside, but from FabHealthFitness we want people to do it for the right reasons.

When you do exercises, especially cardio such as running or jogging, your body uses energy it has stored and that does not mean that it is fat.

First, your body uses carbohydrates you have eaten as energy and a little portion from fat you have in your body. And that is why we say it is not the best option to eliminate them.

Tricks or Cheats to burn fat with Running

If you like running a lot and expect to burn fat with it, we have some tricks.

If you apply them you will get the results you want without despairing or disappointments along the way.

1. The first great trick is that you have to play with intensity.

Do soft jogging, then sprints and again do jogging then sprints.

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Also, play with the times you do it per day. The body should never be used to the requirement.

This is called high-intensity interval training is known as HIIT.

It may sound silly, but it is. When you change the intensity of the exercise you do, in this case running will help greatly to burn that fat you have in the body.

In the first days of the change, you will notice a loss of weight.

Although over time will start to stagnate a bit and you should be aware of it.

2. The second trick is that instead of running or jogging you can try walking one day.

It is much more effective than jogging or running at a high speed. Because our body is so clever and body always want to store energy in the form of fat for future use.

For this reason with sustained exercise for a much longer time, the body doesn’t use stored fat.

Although it has to be said that there is little fat burning happens compared to other types of exercises.

3. The third trick, this will surprise you, because if you like so much running and you do not want to change the intensity try to climb on a tree.

Because you have to make a great effort to be able to climb on the tree. And for that effort, your body will use a huge amount of energy from fat.

If you have a place with mountain nearby is ideal for you to run out. It will allow you to do what you like, with a better landscape, a purer air and also you can burn all that fat you want and have a much-toned body.

But be careful when you go back downhill. Do not rush or the impact could damage your joints.

4. The fourth trick is to run fast, although this is half-way.

Because of course, you must have eaten something before demanding it to avoid that you can feel dizzy or weak.

A cup of green tea or black coffee, with a toast of brown bread, is enough to activate the metabolism and go out to run.

This way you can burn a lot of fat, you will be surprised.

If you decide to leave without having eaten any solid food then you should train 30 or 40% of your capacity and limit yourself to about 15 or 20 minutes to not physically decompensate yourself.

Once you get home you can have breakfast as God sends.

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Although it is always important to keep fats (unhealthy ones) and fry aside.

Choose a very nutritious meal, a healthy breakfast with lots of protein so you can have a better recovery. And in this way be ready for the next exercise or jogging session that you want to perform.

Fewer Calories and Goodbye Fats 

The only guaranteed way to eliminate fat from your body is to consume fewer calories than you use throughout the day.

This way your body will be forced to look for energy in those fatty deposits that you have.

The first thing we want to clarify is not that you have to eat less is about eating better. That is not about losing weight.

And helping your body burn much more calories than you need and the only way to do it is through the exercises and yes it can be run or whatever you do so that your body does not go limp but you can tone it all at once.

In a diet, you must have all the Food Groups.

Carbohydrates, protein-rich foods, and healthy fats should all be present, of course, all in the right measure.

It’s about Eating Better

What you cannot stop doing is exercise, so the grease deposited will be burning steadily, even when you are resting.

If you on diet and you are hungry, STOP. Because you are not doing well.

Your diet plan does not contain the correct portions of all the food groups.

You should eat 5-6 times a day, not the 3 times a day.

Not only strong meals but also a healthy snack should be included in the middle of the morning or mid-afternoon in your diet. And so your metabolism will never stop and will always be in action.

Remember that it is very important to look at the calories.

Eat less than you consume with your daily physical activities, but that does not mean starving. You should put aside your sedentary life and start exercising.

You will notice the changes very quickly and you can eliminate that layer of fat that bothers you.

Mix, there’s the taste

If you want to burn fat you can jog along with eating fewer calories than you consume.

But if you can also do some exercise before running, it will be much better.

You can get everything you want and your body will look great.

Strength exercises, with some weights, bars or dumbbells can be a great help for you.

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So you will be a machine to burn fat naturally. Doing some squats, strides or a session with weights will be very good for you.

One point that not many people take into account is rest.

We have mentioned it in several of our exercise posts. It is as important as going to exercise.

Do not think that because you run every day you will be able to burn a lot more fat.

Remember that the body tends to get used to very quickly to the requirement to which it is submitted.

That is why it is very important to play with that too.

Rest after intense workouts is very important.

It is much better to exercise very well four times a week than going out every day and doing strenuous journeys.

Care if you are Overweight

If you are an overweight person you should definitely take into account that running is not one of the best activities for you.

Once again we do not want to disappoint you, but in this case is the best for you and for your health, we want to avoid injury.

Running has a hard impact on joints. Not just in the knee, but also in the ankles.

If you are overweight you could injure yourself in any of these two areas that are important for the stability of people.

You should definitely look for another way to exercise and those of strength will be your best choice.

When you’ve lost a few pounds maybe it’s time to go jogging or running at high intensity.

We really are not playing.

Keep these points in mind when you’re exercising or making a plan to lose weight.

Hope this guide will help you to achieve your goal. Do share this article with someone who needs this.

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Is Running is The Best way to Burn Fat?
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Is Running is The Best way to Burn Fat?
Is Running is The Best way to Burn Fat? We feel like breaking a myth, but that's right, running is not the best way to burn fat.
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