How to Regenerate Liver Damage Naturally

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How to Regenerate Liver Damage Naturally: The liver is one of our organ that can be easily affected by bad lifestyle.

Poor diet or excessive alcoholic beverages cause liver damage as well-known as cirrhosis, which in some cases become chronic and irreversible.

For this reason, many people wonder if it is possible to Regenerate Liver Damage Naturally, through some home remedies or other products.

The truth is that improving their condition is possible but you must consult with your doctor for each case individually to assess the existing damages and determine the extent to which it is reversible or not.

In this article, I will explain how to regenerate the liver naturally, using natural remedies, in addition to providing you with essential information to obtain the best result.

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“Regenerate Liver Damage Naturally” Is it possible?

Yes, the liver is capable of regenerating itself, being the only organ that possesses this extraordinary capacity.

When any damage occurs, the liver initiates a process by which it renews the damaged tissue by replacing it with a completely healthy one.

This process is composed mainly of three phases or stages that allow the liver to regenerate:

First, the cells present in this organ known as hepatocytes are activated to initiate the process.

Second, The hepatocytes then begin to replace the damaged tissues with a new one using new cells.

Finally, once all tissue has been replaced and the organ recovers liver function, the regeneration process stops.

However, while it is possible for the liver to regenerate, this will depend to a large extent on the severity of the damage.

Thus, in some cases where the organ is in a very bad condition, there may be a possibility that it has lost the ability of regeneration.

Diseases that cause Liver damage:

There are several existing liver diseases that can cause damage to this organ. However, depending on factors such as age, type of disease and the time that has affected us, it is possible that the ability to regenerate has also been affected.

The following are the most common cause of liver disease:

Liver damage due to Bad Habits:

This group includes liver damage such as cirrhosis or fatty liver, conditions caused mainly by abuse of alcohol, drugs or an inadequate diet carried out on an extended basis.

In these cases, the organ loses its normal functions progressively and a series of symptoms are triggered.

Liver damaged by Hepatitis:

Hepatitis A, B, and C are diseases caused by viruses, each of which is transmitted differently: through water and food, through sexual transmission and through blood. However, these diseases can cause Liver damage if left untreated.

Liver Cancer:

It may appear as a consequence of any of the above diseases or appear for no apparent reason.

In any case, its early detection is important to increase the chances of healing, because if it is in a very advanced state its regeneration may be practically impossible.

How to Regenerate the Liver with Home Remedies?

There are some natural products that can help regenerate the liver naturally when it is not severely damaged.

However, you should consult with a hepatologist to treat the disease in the most effective way, as these remedies may not be enough for some patients.

Here are some of the home remedies you can use to regenerate your liver:

1. Desmodium Adscendens:

Have you ever heard of this medicinal plant? Desmodium Adscendens is able to regulate liver enzyme levels and aid the regeneration process.

In addition, it provides other components such as flavonoids or alkaloids that are very beneficial to liver health. In fact, there are studies that show that the consumption of this plant could have a positive influence on mild liver diseases and even for more serious liver damage.

Mainly this beneficial effect is due to its purifying ability to eliminate toxins, in addition to protecting and repairing liver cells.

You can get the dried plant or find it in capsules or in tincture form. Boil about 6 grams per day of the plant with water and extend your intake over 4 to 8 weeks.

2. Thistle:

Thistle improves liver functions by its content Silymarin, a compound used to treat different diseases of the liver, in addition to hepatoprotective properties that prevent its degeneration.

Consuming Marian thistle will stimulate the growth of new tissues as well as inhibit harmful toxins.

Silymarin is found in the seeds of milk thistle so you must prepare an infusion based on this plant and daily for a few weeks.

3. Dandelion

It is perhaps one of the most well-known and used medicinal plants since we can find it even in our gardens.

The important part of the dandelion is located at the root, where a number of properties that help detoxify the liver, such as diuretics and depurative, as well as healing, hepatoprotective and tonic are concentrated.

We can find it in the form of capsules or powder and to prepare an infusion we just have to follow the usual steps.

4. Burdock root

This natural remedy to regenerate the liver naturally is found in Europe and Asia. Among its most well-known properties are its purifying effects that help cleanse the blood and remove toxins from organs such as the liver.

It is also beneficial to take care of the digestive system improving the swallowing of food and relieve stomach problems.

Prepare an infusion with a small spoonful of burdock root, let it stand and drink before it cools.

5. Peppermint

Another natural product that helps us to take care of liver health. Peppermint stimulates the functioning of the gallbladder, relaxes the muscles, relieving the discomfort caused by colic and improves stomach health.

To obtain your benefits, it is enough to prepare an infusion with peppermint plants and consume it for a few weeks.

Fruits, Fat, Gain Weight

Good Foods to Regenerate Liver Damage Naturally

Although these foods do not contribute completely to repair damaged liver tissue, they are very positive in purifying it, detoxifying it and improving its functions.

1. Turmeric

This spice has components such as eugenol or borneol, very powerful when it comes to detoxifying and purifying the liver in case of diseases such as cirrhosis or fatty liver.

The good thing about turmeric is that we can buy it in powder and easily add it to our meals.

2. Olive Oil

One of the most valued products of Mediterranean cuisine, but also very beneficial to take care of our hepatic health.

Moderate consumption of this golden liquid fights the oxidative damage of liver tissues and helps fight the effects of toxins that accumulate in the body.

3. Garlic

It is certainly one of the star foods when it comes to treating or preventing health problems. Its strong antibiotic and antioxidant effects give it one of the best positions in natural medicine for centuries.

This tuber stimulates the enzymes that are responsible for eliminating toxins that damage the liver. Thanks to its content – allicin, and selenium.

It is recommended to consume a raw garlic clove, preferably on an empty stomach in the morning.

4. Grapefruit

A fruit with a high content of antioxidants and vitamin C, two ingredients that help to purify the liver in a natural way and that make this fruit an excellent liver detoxifier.

In addition to including these products in our diet, we must also be aware of which foods are bad for the liver, that is, those that can increase the number of toxins and impair liver function.

Other tips to Regenerate Liver Damage Naturally

The first thing we must do when we want to regenerate the liver is to detect the cause of the damage and try to eradicate it completely.

On many occasions, the problem is basically day to day bad habits, which in the long term produce damages in this organ.

It is therefore desirable to have clear the following aspects to help the regeneration process can be carried out completely:

1. Eliminate Alcohol

Many people wonder how to regenerate liver damaged by alcohol since it is a major cause of liver disease.

This is mainly because most of this drink passes into the bloodstream and is subsequently processed by the liver, which has to do an overexertion to metabolize it.

In the long term, this can produce wounds that are damaging this organ more and more.

2. Controls the Consumption of Salt

Too much salt is bad for different aspects of our health, such as cholesterol. In the case of the liver, an excess of sodium damages the cells present in this organ and can lead to hepatic fibrosis. For this reason, it is important to control the consumption of foods with high salt content, such as processed meats.

3. Drink a lot of Water

Abundant intake of liquids such as water or juices helps to purify the body and prevents the accumulation of toxins harmful to the body. In addition, the body needs water for all its organs to function properly.

4. Eat Fruit

This type of food is very rich in water and, as we indicated in the previous point, is an essential element to maintain liver health.

Also, the fruit contains acids that reduce the amount of sugar in the blood, so it does not have to be processed by the liver. In this article, we teach you to prepare juices to cleanse the liver.

This article is purely informative, in ONE we do not have the power to prescribe any medical treatment or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to go to a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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