Why We Kiss with Tongue and 10 Facts about Kissing you didn’t know 😘

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10 Facts about Kissing you didn’t know: Kissing someone is one of the most wonderful acts available to the human being. It does not matter if it is for friendship, family affection or love.

The vast majority of the kisses we give throughout our lives are associated with emotionally charged situations, but there are much more behind.

Science has been in charge of studying them to find out what drives us to give them, why they provoke the reactions they involve and why they are a universal phenomenon. Some of these questions have answers, others are still a romantic puzzle.

Why do we kiss with Tongue?

Surveys often show the preference of men for tongue kissing versus simple “pinquitos”, which do not produce saliva exchange.

Apparently, this is because the saliva contains small amounts of testosterone that pass to the other person during the kiss, generating a very useful libido increase for reproduction.

10 Facts about Kissing you didn’t know

1. We are not the only Kissers

Yes, the human being is one of the few species with the ability to kiss. But it is not the only one. It has been observed how other primates join lips to express emotions such as affection or reconciliation.

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2. In search of Evolutionary Reason

The anthropological origin of the kisses is not clear, although it is believed that may have to do with the association of the act of suckling. Also with the custom of the parents of some cultures to chew the food and pass it to the mouth of their children.

On the other hand, some researchers consider that the custom of giving kisses on the cheek may be due to the action of smelling the face, used in previous evolutionary steps to recognize a loved one.

3. Kissing is like a Drug

According to several studies, the act of kissing promotes the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is also associated with drug use.

As a result, the pupils dilate, increase perspiration, accelerate the heart rate and grow a deep need to continue kissing the other person.

4. We do not Kiss Anyone

According to a study of the mid-1990s, women tend to kiss those men whose body odor is associated with immunological genes complementary to their own, which would promote offspring with strong defenses.

To carry out the study a group of women had to smell the t-shirts of a group of unknown men, who had previously showered in order that their body odor was as tenuous as possible.

5. Kiss Calm

Kissing, especially if carried out on a regular basis, lowers blood levels of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, so they are associated with a deep sense of relaxation.

6. The relationship between Kisses and Love

Leaving aside the protocolary kiss of some cultures, the act of kissing is usually associated with emotional attachment, either loving, familiar or friendly.

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That is why it is not strange that kisses generate an increase in the levels of oxytocin, known as the love hormone, in both men and women.

So much so that the number of kisses in a couple has come to relate directly to the state of the relationship, as opposed to sex. In many cases, sexual relations may be scarce even if the emotional relationship is deeply consolidated.

7. Some people are afraid of Kissing

Philemaphobia is the phobia of those who irrationally fear love kisses, even panicking if someone tries to give them one.

8. Many muscles, but one Indispensable

In a kiss, 34 facial muscles participate, along with 134 other muscles of the rest of the body, which favor that the posture is the most appropriate.

However, the main muscle in this type of movement is the orbicularis oris, commonly known as the kissing muscle.

9. Almost all Twist face to the Right

According to a study by psychologists at Ruhr University in Bochum, two-thirds of people twist their heads to the right side when they kiss in what could be an unconscious imitation of fetal posture, also observed in babies.

10. Better with Eyes Closed

Almost everyone closes their eyes when giving a kiss, but few know why it does. In fact, there is no clear reason, although a study of 2016 showed as possible cause the search for an overstimulation of the sense of touch. This is because the senses are best perceived one by one, not having the brain to process several messages at a time.

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That’s why the pleasurable touch feeling of the kiss goes deeper if you close your eyes, preventing any visual stimulus from distracting the kissers during the process. Of course, there is no reason to kiss. Never stop.

These are the 10 Facts about kissing you didn’t know.

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