How to Have an Orgasm With a Kiss (For Adult Only)

How to Have an Orgasm With a Kiss (For Adult Only)

How to Have an Orgasm With a Kiss: Have you ever thought about reaching orgasm with just a kiss from your partner? Yes, it is totally possible. Although only 20% of people can achieve it naturally, there is a belief that with practice this skill can be developed. Nothing better to have a good preliminary than to start with an orgasm!

If you want to know How to Have an Orgasm With a Kiss to your partner, keep reading this article that I have prepared for you. You will enjoy to the fullest!

In this article I will tell you: How to Have an Orgasm With a Kiss, Is Kiss enough for Orgasm, Orgasm while Kissing. How To Experience An Orgasmic Kiss. So, keep reading.

How to Have an Orgasm With a Kiss, Is Kiss enough for Orgasm, Orgasm while Kissing. How To Experience An Orgasmic Kiss
How to Have an Orgasm With a Kiss

Kisses and The Kamasutra:

According to the Kamasutra, kissing is an art, and the lips are one of the most erogenous zones of the body. In fact, in this book, you can find a series of kisses that are most erotic. It is said that the kiss combines, in itself, three senses at once: taste, touch and smell. Together they can produce very intense pleasures and even orgasm.

However, it is shown that more often reach orgasm only with a kiss woman than men.

To Reach Orgasm with a Lip Kissing:

When kissing, sex hormones are released that attract our partner. It is about pheromones, a chemical that releases our body that can alter the other person’s state, in this case, attract it more sexually. This is the reason why kissing is not only so addictive, it is so erotic.

To reach orgasm with a Lip Kissing, one of the best ways is to kiss very slow and sensual, gently moving the tongue and caressing the other person. As the passion increases, the speed and intensity of the kiss will also increase little by little. At some point, you may hold on to each other stronger and, when you least expect it, you will burst with pleasure.

Reaching the Climax with a Kiss on The Neck:

Another way to burst with pleasure just with a kiss is kissing our sexual and/or sentimental partner in the neck. The neck is another most sensitive areas of our body, so it is very likely to reach orgasm with a kiss on the neck.

However, to get your partner to reach orgasm with a kiss on the neck, you must kiss him with enough intensity, which could cause hickeys. Even so, it is advisable to start with soft and delicate kisses by the neck, which can be accompanied by caresses by other parts of the body, such as the belly, crotch or breasts.

To Reach Orgasm with a Kiss on the Genitals:

Of course, this option could not miss and is one of the simplest to achieve an intense orgasm. I speak, of course, about oral sex. Play with the lips and with the tongue in the key points and at the right speed, you can make your partner get an intense orgasm.

But if you want to do it well, it will not be enough just to use your tongue and lips: even if you do not believe it, the breath is a powerful ally in sex. It is not a question of throwing your breath away sharply, but rather, while doing a cunnilingus or fellatio to your partner, letting go slightly the warm breath of your mouth. Doing so can be very sensual and can help increase the pleasure of your partner.

Provoke an Orgasm by Kissing other Erogenous Zones:

There are other equally powerful erogenous zones, such as breasts, groin, thighs or hips. You must learn to play with your partner to find out what it is that most excite you sexually, and above all, where.

Some women say that with the stimulation of their breasts by their partner with the mouth has managed to make them reach orgasm without the need to touch them or do anything else. The breasts is a very sensitive area for women, and also for many men. Therefore it is advisable to suck the nipple and breasts in a delicate way so that, with the warmth and softness of the mouth, get an incredible orgasm.

Once you have the first orgasm, it is easier to get them to have more kissing other erogenous zones such as those mentioned above, since their whole body will be more sensitive and receptive to all kinds of sexual stimuli.

Tips for Getting Orgasm with a Kiss:

Next, I bring you a series of tips to keep in mind when looking for your partner’s orgasm:

Your Position is Important: The position in which you find yourself at the time of kissing your partner can influence the success or failure of achieving an orgasm. A good option is to kiss your partner being naked in the shower or being on top of her in bed.

 Your Excitement will Influence Your Partner’s excitement: if you are excited, with the kiss you can transmit it, since your organism will have already begun to produce pheromones, and that will help your partner get excited with you.

  Find out What Kisses Your Partner Likes Best: Each person is a world, so it is likely that your partner will become more excited about certain kisses. Find out and kiss her that way every time you want to get an orgasm.

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