How to be Healthy (Physically & Mentally) 21+1 Ways

be Healthy, be Happy

How to be Healthy. Many people with serious illnesses would give anything for a single day of good health. After all, only when you lose good health you realize what you enjoyed.

Being healthy is not just about eating right and exercising. As people, we are the set of everything we do and sometimes we do not realize how small actions can affect our health.

To be healthy and make the most of what you have, you follow the following recommendations.

1. Drink More Water

Adults should drink one liter or more of water per day, in addition to tea and coffee. Water keeps the body at the correct temperature and eliminates the toxins that are the inevitable result of metabolism and industrial life. You will feel healthier automatically.


Water also cleanses the skin, helps the kidneys, helps control appetite and keeps you energized. If being healthier, more active and having a better skin does not motivate you, nothing will.

Also, to be healthy do not take harmful drinks, such as sodas and juices that have a high-calorie content. The body barely absorbs these drinks and yet you will still be thirsty after hundreds of calories. If you need to taste some, add a little lemon, lime or 100% juice to the water. On the other hand, make sure you take enough milk to maintain the strength of your bones in old age.

2. Don’t Skip Breakfast

A light and healthy breakfast will be enough to reap the benefits of eating early. If it’s made up of lean protein and whole grains, then you’ll avoid eating overdone at lunch. Studies show that those who do not eat breakfast end up eating more! So, to decrease appetite & be healthy, do not stop taking breakfast, because it is the most important meal.

Instead of eating two chocolate donuts and coffee that actually has more cream than coffee, opt for eggs, fruit and a drink like skim milk, freshly squeezed orange juice or tea. The healthier your breakfast, you will feel more energized and you will not have to eat so much during the rest of the day.

3. Eat Well Throughout the Day

If half of your plate consists of fruits and vegetables, you will be on the right track. To be healthy, add lean protein, low-fat dairy, and whole grains. Once you have established a consistent system for eating, your body will feel more comfortable. You could suffer a time where your body is dismayed by the absence of sugary foods, but when you overcome it you will feel better than ever.

Remember that not all fats are bad. Good fats are found in fatty fish such as salmon and tuna, avocados, walnuts and olive oil. These products are essential for a balanced diet.

4. Eat at the Right Time

For an easy-to-digest meal, we recommend eating at 5 p.m. And 8 p.m.; It will be best to avoid snacks late at night because they will fill you with unnecessary calories that could disrupt your sleep. If you do not need that midnight snack, just eat unsalted nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

Snacks are not harmful if you eat them properly. In fact, eating “constantly” will keep you from feeling hungry, so you will not eat that third portion of cheesecake when the dessert cart comes. To be healthy just make sure everything is in moderation.

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5. Read the Labels before You Shop

Processed foods have a bad reputation and very often with just right, but you will have to choose wisely. A bag of frozen broccoli will not be as harmful as a box of macaroni and cheese (if you can really call it that). In short, avoid processed foods when you can, but if you cannot, read the labels and watch out for harmful additives such as salt, sugar, and fat.

The foods that are on the shelves almost always have added sodium in their list of ingredients, words ending in -ose, trans fats and saturated fats. If you see any of them on the label (especially in high quantities), do not buy them. You can find healthier alternatives elsewhere.

Just because it says it does not have trans fats does not mean it does not really have them. Because the minimum quantities can be legally overlooked, so if you see hydrogenated vegetable oil in the list, you will have found one of the culprits masked.

6. Get Fit

In addition to helping you lose weight and have greater self-confidence, doing exercises brings many benefits to the body and mind. Having good cardiovascular health has been linked to a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s, for example. So to be healthy go to the pool, to the street, to the park as much as you can.

Exercising also strengthens the immune system; Even a change as minimal as walking briskly for twenty to thirty minutes daily five days a week will improve your immune system by increasing the antibodies and cellular response of lymphocytes.

Exercising is also one of the most recommended methods to sleep better, which will help you lose weight, as you will stop overeating.

7. Maintain a Healthy Weight

The physical settings vary in size and weight. A person with a thick body may have a little more weight than a thin person, who can be allowed to have less.

Being underweight is not healthy either! To be healthy do not do any type of lightning diet. There is no magic formula to lose weight and, even if there is, depriving your body of the essential nutrients will not be. Changing your eating habits will slowly be much safer and the long-term benefits to your physical health will be greater.

If you do not want to diet, read the article “How to lose weight only with exercise. Just remember that only athletes can burn many calories in large quantities and even then, they tend not to do so because it is very hard for the body. Even if you consume more calories than the recommended ones, make sure they are nutritious; your heart, brain, muscles, bones, organs, and blood will not work forever with empty calories.

8. Exercise Wisely

It should be understood that there are wrong methods for exercising. Every time you move you run the risk of injuring yourself, so make sure you do it right.

First things first, stay hydrated. You should drink sips of water during your routine. Dehydration causes dizziness or headaches when you exercise (or when you do not).

Take breaks! Not to be lazy, but healthy. You will not be able to exercise without stopping forever. After about thirty minutes, take your water bottle and drink water. Your body will need a moment to recover. So you can go further in the long run.

9. Take Advantage of Small Opportunities

Being physically active is not about running on the street or joining a gym, it’s a lifestyle that lasts 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If in a day you can add ten steps here and there, those steps will accumulate.

Do not have ideas? Park your car a little further away from work, the entrance to the mall or the supermarket. Take the stairs. Walk the dog every day. Take your lunch to the park. Go to work or to the cafeteria by bicycle. Small opportunities are everywhere.

10. Think Positive

It is amazing how much power the mind has over our lives. A simple positive turn of a situation could turn an obstacle into an opportunity. Not only will you have more enthusiasm for life, but your immune system will better combat colds and heart disease.

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To begin this difficult step, focus on gratitude. When you start thinking about the negative things around you, stop. Think of two things you are grateful for. Over time, your mind will notice the pattern and will leave the negativity aside before you become aware of it.

11. Feel Satisfied

It does not mean that you have to “conform to your life” (well, in part, but wait), rather it means “to be satisfied”. If you are on a diet, allow yourself to eat a little of what you crave. If you see “The golden years” for three hours on a Friday night seems perfect, then do it. To be healthy do all the little things that make you happy.

Your happiness is priceless. If you are not happy, you will not be completely healthy. It is only when we have our minds well seated that we can face everything else. If work, family, friends, your relationship, and money are absorbing you, deciding between a cream donut and a whole-grain bagel will not matter much!

12. Think Small

When we focus on unreachable goals, we become discouraged, frustrated, and lazy. After all, why try to achieve something that will never happen? A healthy mindset has to focus on the here and now. Of course, you will also have to consider the future, but you should not worry about what has not yet happened or will happen.

Being healthy (and happy) on an emotional level will be easier to achieve if you focus on the steps of your journey and not so much on the destination itself. If you want to be successful on Broadway, focus on getting your next audition. Then, in presenting yourself and moving on, etc. He will always come before the future, so focus on order!

13. Choose your Friends Wisely

We all know the people who absorb us, but we remain their friends because they have a good television or because if we did not get bored. Unfortunately, for the sake of emotional health, they have to disappear. They do not do us good and we know it, we just ignore it to have a routine and avoid uncomfortable situations. To be healthy do your mental health a favor and get rid of them. You will see that in the long you will be happier.

14. Be Productive

One of the best feelings you can easily achieve is the one that comes when you say “I’ve done so much today!”. At that time, you will feel virtually unstoppable. The phrase your mother told you, “If you put your heart into something, you can do it”, it will not be a lie! Now imagine having that feeling constantly.

First, make a to-do list. We also recommend a calendar or planner, but remember to start with small things. Face some small things to start moving forward. You’ll be on a good stretch when you least expect it.

15. Take a Break

This step is similar to “Feel satisfied”, sometimes you will have to do the right thing for yourself, no matter what the world demands. Without feeling guilty, enjoy that chocolate bar and “Kit Kat” cookie, stay one night at home, take the morning off. You will have twice the energy for when you return.

The same goes for the exercises. If you always do the same, your muscles will become accustomed to it, you will get bored and you will end up reaching your limit. So to be healthy, instead of going outside on Wednesday, go to the pool. It is not that you are lazy but reasonable.

16. Look for an Emotional Balance

Although you dominate every aspect of your health, you will not feel full if you have an inner disorder. We all need to recover from time to time, and you can do many small things to feel better about yourself. If the problem goes deeper, you may have to learn to deal with emotional pain or even depression.

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When you have improved, you should focus on improving your approach to interpersonal relationships. To be healthy learn to recognize a manipulative or controlling relationship and, if necessary, deal with emotional abuse so you can have a healthy relationship.

17. Stop Behaving in a Risky Way

Taking unnecessary risks will be hard for the mind and body. It could also leave devastating long-term consequences. Severe or established risk-taking patterns may also indicate the presence of deeper psychological problems, in which case you will need to talk to a health professional who specializes in some field. To be healthy first focus on one of the following achievements:

  • Have safe sex
  • Avoid drunkenness
  • Stop Drinking Alcohol
  • Give up smoking
  • Leave drugs

These achievements are possible. While they are definitely daunting, they are attainable. Often, when one is achieved, the rest will seem much easier and will fall by its own weight.

18. Exercise Several Times a Week

We have already talked about it, but now we want you no longer to ignore it. Your daily or weekly routine needs to include exercises because it will increase your metabolic rate, control your weight and you will feel renewed all week. Three advantages with one effort!

We will present you with something concrete: try to perform 150 minutes of aerobic activity each week (or 75 minutes of energetic activity) and do a weight training twice a week. Until mowing lawn counts!

19. Rest Well at Night

When you sleep, your body produces cells that fight infection, inflation, and stress – sleeping poorly or not only will not only make you more susceptible to disease but will also increase the recovery time of a disease. If you do not sleep for yourself, do it for your health!

To make matters worse, a study by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that men who slept 4 hours consumed 500 calories more than after sleeping 8 hours. If you were looking for an easy diet, there you have it!

20. Keep your Personal Hygiene

Wash your hands often, especially after using the bathroom at home or in a public place. Germs spread easily and could affect us in the blink of an eye. And if it was not clear, we also recommend taking a shower.

For oral health, brush your teeth, tongue, and floss after eating; the particles of food usually cause bad breath and gingivitis. Go to the dentist regularly to have you cleaned and to detect any problems before they become severe.

21. Strengthen your Immune System

Maintaining healthy habits and a high level of energy is difficult for those who constantly struggle with fatigue, colds, infections or any other effect of a weak immune system.

If it is within your reach, try to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals from your diet. Supplements should only be used as a secondary measure. And, of course, consult with your doctor before making any significant changes.

Bonus Tips

When you feel your body asking you for a break, listen to it. The body is an outstanding organism, very capable of healing as long as we take care of it.

To be healthy do not take the stress. Stay calm and encourage yourself to do things you have never done before.

Educate yourself. Every day is an opportunity to acquire more knowledge.

Increase your intake of antioxidants to fight free radicals associated with cancer, cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis etc.


Incorporate a new routine slowly. You should not surprise your system. If you are going to adopt a new diet or exercise regimen, first consult your doctor. When your health is involved, be cautious!

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