How to Get Back in Shape after Pregnancy while Breastfeeding

Get Back in Shape after Pregnancy while Breastfeeding, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Shape

Normally, many pregnant women often worry about how their bodies will look after pregnancy, once their babies are born. If you’re one of them, continue reading: How to Get Back in Shape after Pregnancy while Breastfeeding.

His greatest desire is to quickly recover his old figures. To achieve this goal, it is important that recent mothers do not take hasty esthetic measures that may be counterproductive to their health.

For this reason, rest and adaptation to the corporal changes produced by the birth of the infant are important in this new stage.

During pregnancy, the body of women often undergoes different changes.

Among them, are the hormonal modifications that are manifested, to a greater extent, at the cutaneous level.

After childbirth, the skin may become soft and its coloration may change on the cheeks, forehead, nose and inner sides of the thighs.

In turn, the alterations of the elastic fibers generate the fearful line, an undoubted seal of every woman who has been pregnant.

On the other hand, many mothers are often left with excess weight and sagging.

Before all these alterations, in order to return to normality more quickly, it is imperative that, during the first weeks of post-partum, the new mothers should hydrate themselves, taking three liters of water a day and begin to make a healthy diet (rich in fibers which facilitate digestion and prevents constipation), tailored to your needs and directed by a nutritionist.

As for physical activity, it is recommended that after a month and, as long as the obstetrician doctor authorizes it, the mother progressively, smoothly and regularly resume an exercise routine.

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This will allow you to tone the different muscle groups, specifically the pelvic floor muscles, improve blood circulation and regulate blood pressure and sugar levels.

However, the speed in the recovery of muscles and skin, will depend on the good muscle tone of the woman and, above all, the care before, during and after pregnancy.

On the other hand:

“To begin an aesthetic treatment with equipment, it is advised to wait six weeks after the childbirth.

If the birth of the baby was by cesarean section and the mother wants to treat her abdominal area, it is recommended to wait twelve weeks.

In case you want to tackle other areas, treatments can start from the sixth week.

The choice of aesthetic treatments depends on the needs of each woman depending on the weight increased during pregnancy and their own characteristics.

This is why procedures can be individualized and act on different planes. “

Explains Dr. Lorena Petit, aesthetic physician of Vital Active Energy.       

The 5 most Efficient Treatments to Get Back in Shape after Pregnancy while Breastfeeding

1. Cavitation or Ultracavitation

A Very low-frequency ultrasound that increases the temperature in fat clusters until it breaks the adipose cells, attacking the cellulite and localized fat and eliminating them through the lymphatic system or metabolizing them.

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2. Therapeutic massage and the application of the Thermal Blanket

They are the perfect combination to complement the action of ultra-cavitation.

The former stimulates lymphatic drainage and facilitates the elimination of fluid retention and cellulite.

On the other hand, the blanket acts by increasing the internal temperature, which gradually dissolves the accumulated internal fat.

In turn, it has anti-inflammatory and anti-oedematous effects that help eliminate excess fluid in tissues.

3. Laser Erbium + Platelet Rich Plasma

They help restore muscle tone and skin appearance by stretch marks.

4. Tripolar Radiofrequency with Muscular Dynamic Activity

The electromagnetic waves emitted in the procedure generate heat at the level of the dermis stimulating the formation of collagen and elastic fibers reaffirming the flaccid skin of the abdomen, back, legs, arms and face.

At the same time, the current emission favors muscle toning and stimulates lymphatic drainage with the consequent elimination of toxins.

5. Pulsed Light (IPL)

Light able to penetrate the skin and act on blemishes, fragmenting the melanin “pigment that gives color to the skin” without producing effects on healthy tissues.

“The duration, intervals and session numbers of the various techniques will depend on the characteristics and needs of each patient.”


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How to Get Back in Shape after Pregnancy while Breastfeeding
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How to Get Back in Shape after Pregnancy while Breastfeeding
Most pregnant women worry about how their bodies will look after pregnancy. So, read: How to Get Back in Shape after Pregnancy while Breastfeeding.
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