How to face the Death of a loved one?

How to face the Death of a loved one?

How to face the Death of a loved one? You know what you’re made of until you face the loss of a loved one.

The death of a relative or close friend is one of the most painful and terrible experiences that any human being can suffer. The thought that we will never see it again, hear it or feel it close to us, make us feel a huge void.

Take your time to cry, to scream and to relieve yourself of the pain you feel, but once done, calmly, try to return to your daily activities, “When a friend leaves…”

Phases of mourning

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross was a Swiss-American psychiatrist born in 1926 who specialized in palliative care and near-death situations.

After working for years in contact with terminally ill patients, he developed the famous Kübler-Ross model in which he established five stages of mourning.

1. Denial stage

To deny that someone is no longer with us because he has died allows us to cushion the blow and to reduce some of the pain that produces this news. Although it seems an unrealistic option, it helps that the change of mood is not so abrupt.

2. Stage of anger

It comes as a result of the frustration that death produces and nothing can be done to reverse the situation.

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3. The stage of negotiation

In this, the mind creates a defense mechanism in which it allows us to see death as a possibility that we are in a position to prevent it from happening. Pain is relieved imagining that we have regressed in time, but it is brief because it does not fit reality.

4. Depression stage

There arises a strong sadness that cannot be mitigated by excuses or imagination, and that leads us to enter into an existential crisis when considering the irreversibility of death.

5. Acceptance stage

It is at the moment when death is accepted. You learn to live in a world without your presence.

How to face the Death of a loved one?

The way to overcome it…

Víctor Gutiérrez, a psychologist with a specialty in Thanatology, was told the way to overcome it

 1. Undo. Talking about death with friends will be a good way to overcome it.

2. Accept your feelings. To deny him of nothing will serve you and will only leave you more time in the pain. It is normal to feel sadness, anger, frustration and even exhaustion.

3. Do not punish yourself. Neglecting your health will not return that person. So take care, eat at your schedules and continue exercising as before.

4. Remind and celebrate the life of your loved one. Framing photos of happy moments that lived together, going to the special places where they spent in company, or going to the pantheon and leaving flowers, are some of the most significant ways to honor that special person.

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How to face the Death of a loved one?
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How to face the Death of a loved one?
How to face the Death of a loved one? You know what you're made of until you face the loss of a loved one. 
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