Can you Live with one Kidney Alone?

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All the organs of the body are vital for its proper functioning. When they fail and their problem cannot be treated with drugs or clinical treatments, it may be necessary to resort to a transplant. However, this situation does not always have to be reached, despite the fact that the organs are key to the proper functioning of the body.

So, Can you Live with one Kidney Alone? The answer is affirmative, although not conclusive. Everything will depend on each person and their general state of health and, of course, the opinion of a medical specialist. In this article, we will try to clear some of the main doubts.

Are Both Kidneys Necessary to Live?

The kidneys are the fundamental organ of the body. Because our body depends on the correct functioning of this excretory system. However, the human being did not always have two kidneys. Its appearance has been the result of evolution in order to filter the blood of the body and eliminate all waste products that have been ingested or have been generated in the body itself.

In addition, the kidneys also have the role of regulating the volume and composition in salts and ions of body fluids and the chemical balance of the blood to facilitate that the cells present in the body adequately perform their activities and functions.

So, Can you Live with one Kidney Alone?

In general, it can be affirmed that with one kidney the body could be maintained correctly, provided that it worked at 75% of its capacity as a minimum. However, always the best thing is to live with both kidneys.

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How does the Body Work with Only One Kidney?

Living with one kidney is possible due to the over functioning of this organ, and because each kidney has nephrons (it is the basic structural unit of the kidney that is responsible for the purification of the blood), but not all are in operation all the time.

Normally, they work around 10% of total nephrons, while the rest say that they stay at rest. So, initially, there would be problems in being able to maintain the correct performance of the kidney’s functions.

Consequences of Living with A Single Kidney:

Although living with only one kidney is possible, there may be some negative consequences in the body or that require medical control.

Because they are more prone to certain disease:

Renal Impairment: When living with a single kidney, kidney failure can occur because the kidney is not able to filter all toxins and waste substances in the blood properly.

Hypertension: People who live with a single kidney are more likely to have hypertension because the kidney can stop eliminating waste, which leads to an increase in blood pressure.

Abdominal Pain: When the kidney does not work well or there is a kidney problem, pain is generated in the abdomen area.

Tiredness: People who live with a single kidney may also feel more tired. It is a fatigue that has no relationship with stress or with the effort that is made. It is only because the kidney is not working well or there is an infection.

Tips to Live and Improve the Quality of Life with A Single Kidney:

In general, a person who lives with a single kidney should follow a healthy life and take care of the food to avoid forcing the organ to over function. It will also be very important to drink the mineral water that is most suitable according to its composition. In the following section of this article, we tell you 6 tips that are good for your kidney in his situation.

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1. Watermelon is considered the fruit of the kidney since its juice helps to cleanse the tissues and blood, although it should be consumed as fresh as possible. Once opened it degenerates rapidly and produces toxins. Other fruits that are diuretic and that offer the same benefits as watermelon are artichokes, grapes, and apples.

2. People who have high cholesterol are more likely to develop kidney damage. In case of renal failure, a reduction in the consumption of fats would favor a slow evolution of it. Something similar happens with diabetic people, in whom a limited intake of sugars is essential.

3. The foods that make the kidneys work the most for their elimination they are the proteins that are, mainly, in the meat, the fish, and the eggs. So reduce your protein intake.

4. You should drink a lot of water except in those cases in which kidney disease urinates little and is very swollen. In order for the organism to function properly, two and a half liters a day must be taken.

5. Avoid Smoking. Smoking decreases the blood supply to the kidneys. It also helps the development of kidney cancer.

6. With sports, care should also be taken for sweating and exertion, it is always convenient to follow the medical prescriptions on the physical activity that can be performed and the level at which it is recommended to practice to avoid problems.

These are some of the guidelines that can be useful, although it is always advisable to incorporate in the day to day all the advice indicated by the medical specialist, since they will be adapted and specific for each person. From FabHealthFitness we hope to have contributed to answering the question of whether you can live with a single kidney and have clarified the first doubts before going to the medical consultation.

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This article is purely informative, in ONE we do not have the power to prescribe any medical treatment or make any kind of diagnosis or advice. We invite you to go to a doctor or expert in this field in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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Can you Live with one Kidney Alone?
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Can you Live with one Kidney Alone?
The kidneys are fundamental organ for the body. So, Can you Live with one Kidney Alone? The answer is affirmative, although not conclusive.
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