How to Build Muscle Naturally | 5 Killer Steps

How to Build Muscle Naturally, How to Build Muscle Fast, Muscle Gain,

How to Build Muscle Naturally: For some, the idea of having a little more muscle may seem very far away. They have been in the gym for a long time and it does not seem that this was something simple to achieve, or even possible.

But the truth is that you will not put a good amount of muscle without persistence, discipline and serious training. The good news is that there is a way, or rather a series of steps to follow so that we can achieve it as fast as our bodies allow.

So if you’ve been trying to get a little more muscle, the following 5 Killer Steps that are very practical and easy to follow in your next weight session will set the stage for that to happen.

Obviously, we will have to make a little effort, but come on, is not that what you wanted?

How to Build Muscle Naturally, How to Build Muscle Fast, Muscle Gain,
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How to Build Muscle Naturally | 5 Killer Steps

Step 1: Progress:

This is a law, and as long as it is applied in a proper way, it will work. What progression in the routine means is simply doing a minimum, and only one extra minimum reps, to what was done in the previous session.

What I want to say is: do not go to bench press and increase 10 kilos to what you did on the previous chest day.

For this law to work in your body, apply the minimum available weight, or one and only one extra repetition to what you were doing, and then do it consistently.

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This is how progression works, and so the muscles are stimulated to grow.

Step 2: Repetitions and Weight

Lift as much weight as possible that allows you to do between 8 and 12 repetitions, and not one more repetition.

Obviously, you must apply the progression but give hard to the amount of weight you lift. A good idea is to start with 8 repetitions with a good weight, then 9, then 10 and so on until you reach 12; and then you increase the weight again. Got it?

In the same way and to ensure that you stimulate muscle development as much as possible, do not get involved in the gym. Instead, design your routine around 45-50 minutes and never go more than an hour.


Step 3: Balanced Diet + Eat as Required

Eating healthy is a must, and eating a lot too. Contrary to what someone who wants to lose weight would do, you have to consume an extra calorie that is above the calories for maintenance to increase that weight in muscle mass.

Moral, you have to eat more than you burn. Not so much, because otherwise, you would be fattening and not in muscle, but definitely an extra.

And on the other hand, do not even think about setting your diet on potato chips.

Eat clean to facilitate all the processes in muscle gain and not to put so much fat on you.

Step 4: Less Cardio

Cardio is excellent, although too much cardio will destroy your muscle. The cardio is great to reduce the percentage of body fat and have more definition, but in the case of volume, the thing changes and is no longer so compatible. Yes, it will be at a later stage of definition by the way …

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Step 5: Rest

As always, the muscles do not develop in the gym, in any case, that’s where you give the stimulus to make that happen.

Muscles grow in bed, while you sleep.

So it would be a good idea to start taking the habit of sleeping well at night and enough hours to feel rested.

Good rest along with everything else means good and faster results, that’s the idea, right?

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How to Build Muscle Naturally | 5 Killer Steps
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How to Build Muscle Naturally | 5 Killer Steps
Anyone can gain muscle fast without using steroids, but it requires a serious commitment to training and nutrition. So today we will discuss How to Build Muscle Naturally.
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