What’s the Best Time to Exercise? (SECRET REVEALED)

What’s the Best Time to Exercise? (SECRET REVEALED)

What’s the Best Time to Exercise? I know that exercising is important for our body because it helps us maintain an ideal weight and improves health. However, due to time constraints, you have to choose an established training schedule.

There are many studies and articles that talk about when is the best time to exercise. I will try to make a little to clear up all the doubts that arise from this issue.

But before that, I want to tell you one important thing.

Always give Importance to your Body while taking the Decision:

It is important to know that each person’s body functions differently, so adaptation to physical activities will depend on the biological or circadian rhythm. This means that the decision to exercise during the morning or at night is closely related to how your body feels according to factors such as the environment, mood, etc.

What’s the Best Time to Exercise? (SECRET REVEALED)

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What’s the Best Time to Exercise? (SECRET REVEALED)

Now, come to the point. Many people prefer to exercise in the morning to start the day well, while others choose to go to the gym at the end of their work to sleep better at night. Whatever your choice, remember that taking the step and not missing your training is a victory.

Here I tell you some of the pros and cons of the exercises according to the time you choose to practice them:

In the Morning:

In the morning our temperature is lower, our metabolism slows and the muscles are more relaxed after hours of sleep. That is why if you want to accelerate your metabolism and burn calories more efficiently, doing aerobic exercises, this seems the appropriate moment. When we exercise, our metabolism accelerates and also not only for the duration of the session, but these effects are maintained for a few hours. If you exercise in the morning the efficiency of the burning of calories is prolonged.

However, if you exercise in the morning, the previous warm-up should be more effective to tone your muscles before exercise and thus avoid injuries, since the physical conditioning in the morning is lower than you have in the afternoon or evening.

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In the Afternoon:

According to some studies in the afternoon our physical conditioning is better and our muscle strength is in the best conditions, making it more difficult to injure ourselves. If you try to do strength or toning exercises, this is the best time to do them. In addition, the warmup-although it is always important- should not be so intense since naturally, our body is in the best conditions to exercise.

At Night:

At night it is supposed to be the worst time to exercise since the adrenaline that is generated with exercise can influence the time of falling asleep. However, many people say that exercise relaxes them and helps them sleep. If the sport that is performed is not very intense it does not seem that there is any inconvenience in doing it before going to bed.

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It also depends on Personal Circumstances:

In any case in life, as in everything, you have to be logical. The best time to exercise is the one that suits you, the one that fits your schedules and routines. Just keep in mind that in the morning you will need to warm up more and at night you will try to avoid exercising with a full stomach or just before going to sleep. You must simply adjust the sessions to your circumstances and opinions, so that sport becomes a way of life and accompanies you in your day to day.

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