33 Things you’ll Regret when you’re Old

33 Things you’ll Regret when you’re Old – Age is related to many things, the only certain thing is that we should not waste the time we have.

That is why it is important to check in physical as well as mental matters those things that we stop doing.

Although age is not a barrier at all, there are activities and actions that we can take when we are young, which will have benefits in our old age, and you could seriously regret it if you do not do this:

This list does not require an introduction. The only thing that can be said is:

Get up and do it before it’s too late.

33 Things you’ll Regret when you’re Old

1. Not having traveled when you had the opportunity: Travel becomes much more difficult when you grow old, especially when you have a family and you have to pay 3 or 4 times more.

2. Not having learned another language: It cannot make you lazy! Learning another language opens doors and gives you countless opportunities.

3. Spending your time on a relationship that was not worth it: Everyone who has ended a bad relationship regrets not having done it fast, do not waste your time with someone who does not help you grow or who does not value you.

4. Not having sunscreen: Yes! Wrinkles, moles or skin cancer, you do not want that, right?

5. Missing the opportunity to see your favorite musician or band: You do not know when they will return to your country or if they will continue to sing for years to come. Concerts are not something that happens every day.

6. Be afraid of risking yourself: Looking back you will think what was it that made me so afraid? Get out of your comfort zone. It’s very normal to take a small risk.

7. Not having enough exercise: Stand on the sofa and run, move. Exercise because when you reach 40 (or more) you will dream of having dedicated time to your body and therefore to your vitality.

8.  Let your gender define your abilities: There is nothing sadder than a person saying “well, that’s how it was in the old days”. Both women and men have the same capabilities.

9. Do not give up a terrible job: We know you have to pay your bills, but if you do not make a plan to improve your situation you will end up waking up one day after 40 years in the same job that you think more of a hell.

10. Not having done your best in college: It’s not about the fact that your grades determine where you are going to get in your life, but you will realize how good it was to spend a whole day learning.

11. Being afraid to say “I love you”: When you are old you will not care if the love you gave was rewarded, the only thing that will matter is knowing that you let know what you felt.

12. Not listening to your parents’ advice: You did not want to listen to their advice when you were young, but the raw truth is that most of the things your parents told you about life are true.

13. Having worried too much about what others thought: In 20 years you will not give a fuck what those characters thought.

14. Supporting the dreams of others instead of yours: Supporting others is a good and exemplary thing, but not when you never had the opportunity to shine for yourself and fulfill your aspirations in life.

15. Not being a determined person: When old people look back they regret not having made decisions at the time they were due.

16. Keeping grudges with people you love: What is the point of reliving feelings or problems of the past over and over again?

17. Not having realized as a person: Find the road and fight for your goals, the old people do not give a damn what others think and so should be you.

18. Not being a volunteer for a good cause: Getting to the end of life and not having helped people who needed it, or having contributed their bit, is a reason why many people feel repentant.

19. Not taking care of your teeth: Toothbrushes, dental floss, to have gone to the odontologist … It will seem easy to you when you have to use dentures.

20. Missing the opportunity to ask your grandparents questions after they have passed away: Many of us realize too late the great source of information that grandparents can be. They can explain many things about your life and where you come from.

21. To have worked too hard: No one looks back from his deathbed wishing he had spent more time in the office but with family and friends.

22. Not having learned to cook: Eating is vital, how can you leave that great responsibility in the hands of others? It is easier than you think.

23. Not having taken advantage of important moments: Young people are always anxious, stop and enjoy the moments that life gives you. They go faster than you think.

24.  Not having finished what you once started: “I dreamed of becoming a painter, I even began to take classes but then …” These excuses will not make you happy in a few years.

25. Define yourself for what others expect: Never let them tell you “here we are not or we think so”.

26. Not having played with your children enough: When you are old you will realize that your son happened in a blink of an eye to want to play with you all the time to ask you to leave your room.

27. Not having taken a big risk (especially in love): Having taken that crazy risk at least once in life, even knowing that it could not work will be a great experience when you are old.

28. Not taking the time to meet people and networking: Having contacts is very important especially when you realize that many jobs can be achieved as well. Do not waste time and get your network working, make contacts.

29. Being worried too much: Many things that you worry about may not even happen.

30. Have been dramatic: Please leave it to the movies.

31. Not having spent enough time with those you love: Our time with the beings we love most is limited, make it yield.

32. Do not stand on stage: It’s not something everyone regrets, but a lot of old people always wanted to know what would have made them stand in front of a crowd and show off any of their abilities.

33. Not being thankful: It is difficult to see it but eventually it will happen that every moment on earth, from the most mundane to the most incredible, is a gift that we are too fortunate to share.

Being well with us and with others, we will achieve a more pleasant old age and with fewer problems.

This article is purely informative, in ONE we do not have the power to prescribe any medical treatment or make any kind of diagnosis or advice. We invite you to go to a doctor or expert in this field in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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