100 diagnoses in 4.8 seconds: Normal everyday work for Medical AI 😲

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As much sooner the doctor diagnoses, the better it is for the patient. The speed and quality of diagnosis directly depend on the treatment and the time of recovery.

But even the most skilled diagnostician cannot compare with the Chinese “medic” under the control of artificial intelligence (AI). An automated system diagnoses and prescribes treatment at a rate of up to hundreds of diagnoses in a time not exceeding five seconds.

Science fiction writers and ordinary people too often expressed their fears that cars will gradually “take away” jobs from people. Many could imagine that this would happen in factories, factories or in the service sector.

But that few people could imagine that artificial intelligence already today will successfully “work” as a medic.

According to the Xinhua news agency, the AI system simultaneously operates large data sets both on the patient’s condition and on various pathologies.

The AI system analyzes the symptoms, the patient’s condition, the survey data and the test results, and then concludes. The human doctor only needs to confirm the diagnosis diagnosed by the machine.

Developers of the system from the Chinese National Computing Center in Changsha Peng Shaoliang say that the system contains data of several tens of millions of case histories.

Now a model for diagnosing 30 diseases has been created. After a number of tests, it turned out that in 98% of cases the diagnoses were correctly diagnosed by the computer.

In this case, a person, as is known, is also mistaken. According to scientists, the accuracy of the system diagnosis is 20% higher than with the “standard” method of diagnosis.

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Featured Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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